VPN’s are great and easy to use tools that anyone can use to improve internet security. You don’t have to be technically proficient to use them!

Express VPN is based out of the british virgin islands, which has no data retention laws. Express VPN is the fastest and most consistent VPN i’ve ever tried and works great for streaming and unblocking netflix. And it has all the features you’d expect from a premium. VPN provider. I recommend this one for anyone interested in anonymity and privacy. Express VPN is installed on all my devices.


Anti Virus software is still highly relevant and provides an automated extra layer of security for whenever you unknowingly make mistakes. I recommend everybody to use anti virus software!

Norton delivers the best multi-device protection and lets you protect 5 devices with 1 licence. Supports Windows, Mac, Android och iOS devices. The company delivers a “100% virus free or money back guarantee”, which is assuring. 

Parental Control

Do you have kids that use the internet? Then they will probably see things they are not supposed to. Parental software is the best way to monitor their online activity!

Net Nanny protects users from pornography, online predators, cyberbullying, profanities and other threats that compromise online safety. It supports all the must-have functions such as screen time control, website block, remote management and activity reports. The software uses a smart dynamic filter that scans and determines if a website is safe or not, this is important because of the quick pace websites are changed.


I use the Tor browser whenever i want to access the internet anonymously. It can be used together with other anonymising services such as VPN’s and Tails to create security in layers.

TOR browser is the number one choice when it comes to anonymity and security. The Tor browser anonymises your traffic by several layers of encryption and by routing it through the Tor-network, which is a network of servers all around the world. This removes your online footprint and protects your privacy and identity on the internet. 

Browser Plug-in

Your browser is a major weakness when it comes to security. HTTPS Everywhere offers a quick way to improve browser security. 

Install this browser plugin and it will force HTTPS on all websites where it is supported. You have the option to ”block all HTTP requests” which ensures that you don’t accidentally visit non-https websites. HTTPS provides authentication of the website’s identity, connection, and data integrity, and encrypts all information shared between the website and a user. It is compatible with firefox, chrome and opera browsers.

Search Engines

Google is a disaster when it comes to privacy. Their entire business is built on collecting data about you. Make DuckDuckGo your standard search engine to maintain privacy!

This search engine was built with privacy in mind. Unlike Google, this search engine doesn’t track or trace you. You don’t have to worry about your information getting sold to advertisers. Your data is never stored and privacy is therefor withheld. Your searches will return unbiased results that isn’t based on what google think you are most likely to click on.


E-mail technology is inherently insecure. It’s incredibly easy to gain access to your e-mail and this is why it’s so frequently targeted by criminals. If you value your e-mail privacy, make sure to use Proton Mail!

Protects your e-mails with end-to-end encryption, saves no user data and has zero access to user data. The company is located in Switzerland (outside of US and EU jurisdiction) which has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world to protect your privacy. This means that not even governments are going to be able to pull your information.  With ProtonMail your mail is protected by great physical security with their servers located located under 1000 meters of rock under the Swiss alps. This is a no-brainer for someone who needs outstanding e-mail security.

Operating Systems

This technology offers great isolation and security but requires a little bit of effort to use. It may not be something that you use for everyday browsing but when security is imperative, i use it every time!

Tails operating system is designed to be installed and driven from a single USB-drive. The point being that you can use it on any computer without leaving traces. Since Tails is designed to be used from a USB-drive it doesn’t utilise the computers local drive at all, this way it leaves no trace. It does utilise the RAM-memory though, so you have to remember to restart the computer after you’ve used tails. Restarting the computer automatically empties the RAM. Tails comes with a web browser, instant messaging client, email client, office suite, image and sound editor built right into it. All software is configured to connect to the Internet through Tor and if an application tries to connect to the Internet directly, the connection is automatically blocked for security. This is a must-have tool for anyone looking for anonymity.

File Sharing

This tool is frequently used by whistleblowers to securely send important files to journalists. In these cases, Dropbox simply doesn’t offer enough security so OnionShare is the secure alternative.

Onion Share is a great way of sending both small and big files in a secure and private manner. The sender downloads and installs the software, uploads the file and shares a download link with the recipient. A web server is started and the file is only downloadable as long as your computer is active. The recipient enters the link in the Tor-browser to download. Onion share is included by stock in the Tails OS.

Instant Messaging

I use this instead of WhatsApp simply because WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. You can expect your metadata to be shared with Facebook for targeted ads. This is not the case with Signal.

Signal is a secure messaging service available on android, iPhone and for desktop usage. It supports and always is end-to-end encrypted which makes sure that no one can read your messages except for the intended recipient. No tracking, no ads or marketing only secure text, video, sound and image messaging.