Let me give you a few introductory thoughts on online safety!

The internet is a beautiful thing but as always, when humans create something good, it has a backside. These are the dark sides of the internet.

One thing is for sure, the internet is absolutely packed with illicit content. Only your imagination sets the limits here. Incitement of terrorism, hate speeches, extremism, child sexual abuse material and extreme violence are all examples of content easily accessible by anyone, including kids. If you can imagine it, i’m sure that there’s a place for it on the internet. A key player here is the deep web. A secret corner of the internet that is not indexed by search engines like google. 

Maybe you have heard of the Dark net? A secretive network part of the deep web where traffic is encrypted and can only be accessed via special browsers. A perfect hangout for terrorist groups trying to recruit members, or anyone trying to buy something illegal like weapons or drugs. Not so perfect for curious kids browsing the web. I’ll talk more about this later on this page.

Here's A Little Statistic

92M the number of daily visits to in the year of 2018.

Everyday 92 million people decided to visit PornHub in the year of 2018. Total visits in 2018 was 33,5 billion. The total amount of uploaded material got up to 1 million hours of pornographic video. That makes 115 years of porn, which means that you could start watching porn in 1903 and finish by 2018. Those numbers are quite staggering. Remember, these numbers are only for one pornographic website and one single year. Amazing.

Source: PornHub – The year in numbers report

Start Thinking About Parental Control

The main reason why anyone would want to restrict access to content online is because of their kids. The natural curiosity in them makes the internet a perfect place to find answers, sometimes to questions too embarrassing to ask a parent. Unfortunately, in this case, the curiosity also make them less cautious. This tends to lead them onto sites, that with kids in mind, feature very questionable content. Like many other online related problems, the best solution is education. The importance of having ”the talk” with your kids can not be stressed enough. As soon as your kids start using the internet you should start having conversations about cyber safety. You need to tell them about the dangers that are lurking and what they can and cannot do. This is

important because it will develop a critical thinking towards the internet. Of course, kids being kids, just having ”the talk” won’t be enough to stop them from doing the things they want to do. 

This is where technology comes into play. There are a lot of software that can help you control and monitor your kids activities on all devices. Things like website access, usage of apps, screen time, call & text message monitoring and real-time gps-tracking are all features that are called parental controls. You are never going to be able to control every single aspect of your childs security, but good software can get you a along way.

What About Teenagers?

Lets face it, if your teenager wants to find something that isn’t allowed, they will, in some way or another. In fact, 94% of all teenagers have seen porn by the age of 14. The point of parental control isn’t to block every single bad website, that simply isn’t possible. The point is to monitor their activity so that you can take action if you discover bad behaviour or activities outside of what you consider to be normal.

Cyber Safety Statistics


34% of middle and high school students have experienced cyberbullying


41% of kids have contacted dangerous or undesirable strangers


31% of kids have sent or received messages with sexual content

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