The Best VPN Of 2019

Express VPN delivers a textbook VPN service that meets all my requirements and expectations!

5/5 stars



When taking a look at what features are important taking security into consideration, Express VPN checks all the boxes. They’ve been around for a while and provide a really solid product. The competition amongst VPN providers is getting fierce and there are a vast number of providers to choose from. If i have to choose one factor that make Express VPN stand out, i’d have to say speed. 

” Express VPN is my go-to VPN provider when it comes to daily internet usage simply because it combines great security with great speeds and simplicity. “


I really love the VPN technology because it provides great security without interfering or causing trouble in my daily routine which many other types of security measures do. It requires little or no technical skills and can easily be implemented in the background and be “set to forget”.

One might state that security features are the most important thing to consider when choosing a VPN provider, this is of course very true. But, for daily usage i’m not going to be interested if the security measure i’m using is giving me too much trouble.

That is the reason why speed is so important to me.


Speed is one of the biggest problems when it comes to anonymising services. The browsing speed of anonymising services is reduced because your traffic has to travel longer, get encrypted and decrypted and due to traffic jams on servers.

Express VPN solves this problem by it’s huge network of servers that are designed to handle a lot of traffic and high speeds and to distribute traffic. Therefor Express VPN delivers great speeds.


If you’ve read my guide on VPN’s you know that for a VPN to be trusted, it must be verified that the following functions are available and working correctly.

These are the critical must have features

Off shore protection

DNS Leak protection

256 bit AES Encryption

Kill Switch

Perfect Forward Secrecy

No Logging Policy

Accepts Cryptocurrencies

Self Hosted DNS

Open VPN Protocol

Additional Features That You Get

Unblocks Netflix
Unlimited traffic
Multiple device support
Allows for P2P torrenting



A subscription to Express VPN goes for less than a Spotify subscription. One subscription covers three devices of any type. Or add even more devices with ExpressVPN’s app for wireless routers.

1 Month

$ 12

15 Monts

3 Months Free
$ 6

6 Months

$ 9

If you want to learn more about VPNs i think this guide will interest you!

This guide dives a little deeper into the inner workings of how VPN’s work. Check it out to learn more about weaknesses and what to think about!

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