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CleanMyMac is a software that is right up my alley because i love to keep a tidy computer. There’s no greater feeling than throwing away old crap. It’s like spring cleaning at home, except it’s fun and doesn’t suck the life out of you. I previously dismissed this type of automated disk cleaning software as scam ware, but i love instant results that speak for themselves which is why i started using CleanMyMac X. 

I really like to recommend this application to people because it really works and makes a difference. It’s an app for clearing out unused, unnecessary and junk files but it also includes performance optimisation tools, maintenance tools, malware removal and monitoring.

How Creator MacPaw Describes It:

“CleanMyMac X chases junk in all corners of your macOS. It cleans unneeded files, like outdated caches, broken downloads, logs, and useless localisations. You can remove tons of clutter that lurks in iTunes, Mail, Photos, and even locate gigabytes of large hidden files. Mac cleaning tools in CleanMyMac X will cut the extra weight in seconds.”


Easy to use
Extremely fast
Instant results
Safety database


The protection block

First Impression

The first time i used the software i had spent several hours going through files and folders in order to delete and clean my disk. I tend to get a little manic when it comes to these things so i wanted to go the extra mile. I downloaded CleanMyMac X and was able to get rid of another 54 gb of extra junk that i wasn’t able to locate otherwise.

The thing that hits me is how fast it does it. A complete scan is done in about a minute.

I was amazed to see that the scan revealed 4 gigabytes of hidden conversation history and attached videos and audio files from my Messenger app. Most videos were me doing stupid faces filmed by myself that i’ve sent to my friends. I didn’t even know that these files got stored on my computer. Amazing! I was happy to remove them from my computer. Of course, they’re still available on my phone if i would ever need them.

User Interface

The user interface maintains the true Apple spirit and blends really well in the Apple realm. The software presents a no hassle, no clutter, up and running out of the box, instant result interface that reminds me why i use Apple computers in the first place. Simply beautiful.


System clean-up

The software will search for and identify junk files such as temporary files, translation files, broken files, cache files, log files, mail attachments, universal binaries, development files and so much more. There’s so much junk of different types to be hunted down and removed.


CleanMyMac X offers a layer of protection in the form of a Malware scanner that is made to detect malware, adware, ransomware and other harmful code that might have made its way into your computer. There’s also a privacy option that help minimising your online footprint by locating and removing browser data and messaging history.

Speed optimisation

Routine maintenance and optimisation tasks can be performed such as clearing RAM memory, running maintenance scripts, clearing cache, repairing disk permissions, clearing heavy consuming apps and several other useful tracks with a single click.

Application Manager

The uninstaller is a feature that searches your filesystem for applications, presents them in a nice list that you can browse to choose which apps to keep or delete. Of course, when you delete something, it makes sure that the app is correctly removed as well as the associated files.

Smart scan

All of these steps can be performed with a single click using the smart scan. When the scan is done, you are presented with the option to review which files to keep or delete. Your most important system files are always protected by the safety database which contains all critical files, folders and apps that are not allowed to be deleted.

Background Monitoring

After CleanMyMac is started, the scans are done, junk is removed, the software can be kept running in the background. Clicking the menu icon will reveal current information about computer performance similarly to what the Activity Monitor does, only more accessible. You can enable Health & Monitoring options that will prompt you when memory is running low, it’s time to clean the system, hung applications may impair performance and provide solutions. This way your computer is kept clean over time.


The scans are extremely fast but still able to present immediate and great results. When the software is running in the background, there’s no impact on performance at all. Taking a look in the Activity Monitor reveals that CPU, memory, every and disk impact is extremely small and next to none.

However during scans it can occupy quite a bit of CPU, memory and disk performance but because the scans are done in less than a minute, this is nowhere near a problem. 

Cool Feature - The Uninstaller Notification

Applications create files and folders that clutter your hard disk and slows it down. When i delete an application i want to be sure that the entire application and all of its associated files and folders are completely removed. This is very hard to achieve when done manually because applications place files and folders deeply embedded in the filesystem. 

With CleanMyMac running in the background it monitors and detects whenever an application is deleted and notifies and prompts you to uninstall it correctly and completely.

This feature is activated by default but it can be found by

Clicking the CleanMyMac icon in the top finder -> Click the cogwheel -> Preferences -> Menu -> Check the Uninstaller

Pro Tip!

Run a CleanMyMac X scan before you are doing a live presentation or performance to improve computer stability and performance. You might want to take a look the “Speed” tab and run the Optimisation and Maintenance scans. This will improve overall performance by optimising CPU usage, clearing RAM memory and much more.


The results will of course vary depending on your disk cleaning habits, how long you’ve had your computer and the current state of it. All system contains a lot of unnecessary junk though, so you can expect it to detect a lot of gigabytes for removal.

Immediate improvements that i experienced:
– Faster booting
– The Finder responds quicker
– Loading generally times got quicker
– Spotlight searches got quicker
– General performance was enhanced

My first scan removed a staggering 54 gigabytes of junk, and that’s junk only. Keep in mind that i had manually cleaned the computer before scanning with CleanMyMac.

Of course, the MacBook i ran it on is a late 2013 model which means that it’s been around for a while. But still. 

The app knows what files it can and cannot delete and i’ve never experienced it cause failures or faulty removals. You are always prompted before anything gets deleted and you can always uncheck things you want to keep.

On The Security And Privacy Side Of Things…

So far, i’m over the moon about this software but thinking about the security and privacy side of things leaves me a little bit sceptical. The new CleanMyMac X comes with a new protection tab that include a malware removal section as well as a privacy section.

Being a little bit of a security and privacy advocate myself i’m not feeling very satisfied with what CleanMyMac X delivers in that area. I feel like the steps it promises when it comes to privacy is not really meeting the requirements of what i would call privacy. By simply locating and deleting browsing history and other privacy type related files does not ensure privacy, by far. Therefor, i feel that it fails to deliver what it promises to do. 

Knowing what the malware threat landscape looks like and how vast it is makes me wonder how the MacPaw team is able to keep up with the ever evolving threat. Security companies with huge teams and their entire focus on security are struggling, how can MacPaw not? As of now, i would not let CleanMyMac replace my existing anti-virus. Of course, they are not claiming that it will.


MacPaw offers a free trial version that enables you to see the full potential of the software before buying it. Of course there’s a 500 mb removal limit which prevents you from actually removing anything other than 500 mb. If you’re a computer cleaning maniac like me, this is like promising a kid a big bag of candy but then right before handing it over – you throw it away. Of course i had to buy it.

The Bottom Line

I was extremely happy with the results CleanMyMac X produced, how fast it was and that it monitors my moves in the background to prevent me from clogging my disk again. Therefor i’m strongly recommending this piece of software and everyone using a mac should definitely consider using it. 

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